• Therapeutic Clowning 1 THEA 9023


    Our Therapeutic Clowning 1 course introduces you to the therapeutic clowning profession as it exists both nationally and globally. Explore a range of topics, including basic anatomy, physiology and medical terminology; common diseases and disorders; infection control and prevention; the breadth of dementia; dignity, privacy, risk and safety; and the effects of short and long-term hospitalization. Guest speakers include representatives from The Alzheimer Society, a variety of healthcare clinicians and a trainer in reflective practice. In a studio setting, learn to identify and explore your own skills and talents as well as to develop other skills (dancing, slapstick, percussion, ukulele playing, lazzi, improvised song making) in a healthcare context. Learn how to develop and refine your clown personas – including your clown names, props, outfits and more – for both pediatric and geriatric settings. Additionally, this clowning course gives you the opportunity to job shadow an experienced therapeutic clown practitioner in a healthcare setting and discuss the approaches and techniques you observe.


    Admission Requirement:

    This course is part of the Therapeutic Clowning Certificate, which requires formal admission. Registration in this course is only open to students who have already been accepted into the program. For more information, use the contact information below to reach the department co-ordinator.

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