• Screenwriting Certificate

    Explore the possibilities of a career in screenwriting with our Screenwriting Certificate. Taught by professional filmmakers, writers and story editors, these courses give you practical, hands-on experience with developing scripts in a variety of media and help you discover your preferred medium. They also equip you with the full range of knowledge and abilities necessary to create and judge marketable scripts.

    Career Opportunities

    Career options typically include screenwriter (film or television), playwright, story editor and film producer positions.


    You must be proficient in written English.

    Completion Details

    We would advise you to complete the compulsory courses in the order shown below. However, the order in which you complete the course requirements is only restricted by course prerequisites. You must achieve a cumulative grade average of B- (70%) or better to be eligible to request the certificate upon completion.

    Compulsory Courses (Five)

    Elective Courses (Choose One)