• Sandwiches HOSF 9411

    formerly Sandwiches I
    A mainstay in kitchens around the world, sandwiches can be anything from classic deli creations to extraordinary regional specialties. Through our Sandwiches course, learn to craft complete sandwiches – including fillings, condiments and breads that take a sandwich from good to great – as you make porchetta sandwiches, falafels, bánh mì sandwiches, cemitas, open-faced Danish sandwiches and burgers.


    You must bring your full George Brown chef uniform, black safety shoes (non-slip and steel toe) and tools to the first class.


    You must have completed our HOSF 9134 Baking Arts course or our HOSF 9088 Culinary Arts I course or an approved equivalent.

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    Some courses require you to purchase a textbook. The cost of the textbook is not included in the course fee unless otherwise indicated. If there is a textbook assigned for this course, it will be listed on the bookstore website.