• Residential Heating Inspection 2 BLDG 9281

    Our Residential Heating Inspection 2 course continues to build on the basic knowledge of residential HVAC systems that you developed in our BLDG 9280 Residential Heating Inspection 1 (or HVAC 9060 Residential Heating Inspection 1) course. Learn methods for checking the quality and flow of air conditioning within the building envelope, and gain an understanding of building envelope ventilation, ducted air heating systems and hydronic heating systems. Explore the parameters of home inspector duties and learn to identify various types of inspection procedures. Also check out our online Residential Heating Inspection 2 course.


    Course Accreditation:

    This course is an Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) accredited course and meets part of the requirements for becoming a registered home inspector (RHI). Learn more about the OAHI accreditation by checking out our Home Inspection Certificate.


    You must have completed our BLDG 9280 Residential Heating Inspection 1 course or our HVAC 9060 Residential Heating Inspection 1 course. (An approved equivalent is also acceptable.)

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