• Reinstatement (Return to Practice) for Nurses

    The Reinstatement (Return to Practice) for Nurses program is designed for non-practicing registered nurses (RN) and registered practical nurses (RPN) who have received a letter of direction from the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) and who wish to return to active practice in Ontario.


    George Brown College reserves the right to alter program requirements due to legislative changes and/or changes in the requirements of clinical placement providers or the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO).


    September, January and May

    Admission Requirement(s)

    You must secure formal admission (see Application Process below) before you can register for courses. Admission will only be considered if you meet the following requirements:

    • You must be a non-practicing RN or RPN.
    • You must have a letter of direction from the CNO.
    • You must have a resumé/curriculum vitae (CV) outlining your previous nursing education and practice.

    Application Process

    You must complete the Reinstatement (Return to Practice) for Nurses PDF application form. Your completed application form and required documents must be sent to the Continuing Education Nursing department. You will receive an email confirming your acceptance within 10 business days of our receipt of your submission.

    Completion Details

    Your letter of acceptance will include a personal academic plan that has been developed for you (which will contain the list of courses you will be required to complete). The timeline for completing your courses is individualized based on your specific needs. The order in which you complete your course requirements is only restricted by course prerequisites. This nursing program is offered in a flexible format: courses may be offered during the day, on weekends or during the evening and may be available through in-class, online or hybrid deliveries.