• Quickbooks Level II COMP 9542

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    OntarioLearn description: This course will build on the learning from the Introduction course and will include the following topics: setting up a new company, purchasing, inventory management, units of measure, estimates and progress billing, job costing, customizing invoices and other forms, multi-currency, budgeting and advanced reporting (customizing and memorizing).


    This is an online course delivered via OntarioLearn. Please ensure you are familiar with the basic technology requirements for OntarioLearn online courses. You will also be required to provide your own QuickBooks 2015 (Canadian version) software and payroll software. (Instructions for a free download of the student version of QuickBooks are only available in the Level I book.) The software requires a Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista (SP2 or later) operating system and will not work with any system older than these. The software does not run on a Macintosh computer. Teacher support (via email) and technical support (via phone) will be available for this course.


    You must have completed COMP 9541 Quickbooks Level I or an approved equivalent.

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