• Quantitative and Qualitative Research BUS 4056

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    OntarioLearn description: Information technology (IT) is changing faster than ever before. Thus, professionals working in IT need to meet the skills requirements for their field and to keep them updated accordingly. The current convergence between business and IT and the dependence of business on IT has changed the roles of many professionals. Today’s business analysts work in teams, which deliver complex services both to external clients and to internal users. They are expected and required to perform systematic empirical investigation of business, consumer and user phenomena via statistical, mathematical or computational techniques; and gather an in-depth understanding of human behaviour and the reasons that govern such behaviour. Business analysts need to be able to investigate and model the why and how of decision making, not just what, where and when. To meet today’s expectations, business analysts can benefit from understanding the concepts and the applications of quantitative and qualitative research. Quantitative and Qualitative Research is a comprehensive introductory course into research methods for upper level undergraduate and graduate students. Students will develop an understanding of the multiple research methods and strategies used in business services modeling – in general, and in services delivered via information technology – in particular. The course teaches students how to read and critically evaluate published research, and the ability to design, write proposals, construct questionnaires, and conduct empirical research studies on their own.


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    This is an online course delivered via OntarioLearn. Teacher support will be available via email, and technical support will be available via phone.

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    Refer to the basic technology requirements for OntarioLearn online courses.

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    BUS 4055

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