• On-site Sewage Systems 2012 BLDG 9269

    Exam Preparation Online

    Our On-site Sewage Systems 2012 course is an overview/refresher course for experienced practitioners. This building code course largely deals with the requirements related to the on-site sewage systems regulated under the Ontario Building Code (systems with a design capacity of fewer than 10,000 litres per day). The requirements related to these systems are found in Part 8 of the Code. The curriculum covers permits, responsibilities, site conditions, the five classes of sewage systems, construction, occupational health and safety, evaluation of malfunctioning systems, change-of-use procedures and more.


    Course Delivery Method:

    This is an online course. Make sure you are familiar with the basic technology requirements for online courses.

    Course Essentials:

    You must have a copy of the 2012 Building Code Compendium before you begin this course. The compendium is available for purchase at the George Brown College bookstore (either on campus or online) or at the ServiceOntario Publications website.


    The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) exam is not included. MMAH exam and Building Code Identification Number (BCIN) information can be found on the MMAH website. (Humber College hosts the Building Code exams on behalf of the MMAH. Visit the Humber College Ontario Building Code Examinations website to schedule and pay for the applicable exam.)


    You must have a general understanding of the building construction process and basic blueprint reading skills.

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    Some courses require you to purchase a textbook. The cost of the textbook is not included in the course fee unless otherwise indicated. If there is a textbook assigned for this course, it will be listed on the bookstore website.