• MySQL Design and Programming COMP 9654


    MySQL is a database system that provides access to data created within a database and supported by the PHP programming language. Building on the skills gained in our COMP 9655 Foundations of PHP/COMP 9649 Foundations of PHP course, our MySQL Design and Programming course teaches you to design and create practical databases and query those databases by using both programming statements and stored procedures. Learn how to use parameters in procedures to refine the data returned from the database, and acquire the knowledge you need to be able to use the MSSQL database. Explore the concept of using data encryption to add a level of security to web applications.

    Also check out our online course: COMP 9648 MySQL Design and Programming


    This course uses a blended learning approach that incorporates both in-class and online instruction. Approximately half of the course (24 hours) is held in class with a teacher; the remaining hours involve self-directed work. You will be required to have regular access to the Internet and email for the self-directed work.


    You must have completed our COMP 9655 Foundations of PHP/COMP 9649 Foundations of PHP course or an approved equivalent.

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