• ITIL Foundation Exam Preparation COMP 9709

    Exam Preparation

    The ITIL Foundation certification is generally recognized as a “must have” credential for information technology service management (ITSM) professionals. Our ITIL Foundation Exam Preparation course reviews the key components of the information technology (IT) service life cycle through the establishment and management of service-level agreements. The curriculum focuses on how to set appropriate service-level targets and manage conformance and is based on the ITIL Foundation certification syllabus. Tests are provided in a format similar to that used in the ITIL exams to give you more opportunity to practice. This ITIL course is suitable for anyone who plans to write the ITIL Foundation certification exam but is particularly useful for those who are in the field of IT operations, services, developments and/or projects.


    You must have completed our COMP 9708 IT Service Management 1 course or you must have more than two years of IT (or related) work experience.

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