• Introduction to Children's Literature LIBA 9327

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    OntarioLearn description: If something is important for children, it is important for adults. This subject introduces students to children’s literature, its history and development, and its rich variety of forms and techniques. It focuses on major authors in children’s literature and on the important issues presented in those works that have captivated children and adult readers over time. (This subject may contain material that is explicit and/or offensive.)


    Course Delivery Method:

    This is an online course delivered via OntarioLearn. Teacher support will be available via email, and technical support will be available via phone.

    Technical/Computer Requirements:

    Refer to the basic technology requirements for OntarioLearn online courses.


    You must have completed our COMM 1008 College English course or our COMM 1138 College English course or COMM 9120 Communications 1 or another college-level essay writing course.

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