• Interprofessional Collaborative Care Program


    Our Interprofessional Collaborative Care Program teaches you about the interprofessional model of care while focusing on interprofessional collaboration. Explore multiple perspectives on a range of issues related to practice within various professions. Examine the strengths and limitations of your role; the unique contributions made by other health care professionals; and, most importantly, the values, ethics, communication and conflict that exist when an interprofessional team is providing care. This nursing program emphasizes holistic care, cultural diversity/sensitivity, critical thinking and reflective practice. Courses take a patient-focused, family-centred and interprofessional approach. Current research, adult learning principles, social justice, best practices and lived experience provide the foundation for learning.


    You must be a registered health care professional.

    Completion Details

    Once you have completed all the requirements of this program, you can request to receive a certificate.

    Core Courses (Three)