• Information Technology Management Certificate

    In modern, fast-changing business environments, companies want to increase flexibility while controlling costs. Information technology (IT) departments face many demands in fulfilling their business mandates, from keeping pace with emerging technologies to the need to employ educated, up-to-date technical staff. Our Information Technology Management Certificate provides a holistic overview of the role of the modern-day IT manager. Gain the skills needed to implement, support and manage required technologies. Explore, analyze and understand challenges and best practices that help IT managers administer service delivery and operations. Learn how to effectively communicate the value of IT to company executives, senior business leaders and stakeholders. This certificate will appeal to current IT professionals seeking advancement to management positions; to new or current IT managers who want to broaden their management skills; to business managers who need IT knowledge to perform their roles successfully; and to non-IT professionals seeking insight on how IT functions and helps businesses to succeed.


    You must have a minimum of two years of related work experience in an IT-related field.

    Completion Details

    You must complete all the other courses in this certificate before you take our COMP 9698 IT Strategic Management course. The order in which you complete the remaining course requirements is only restricted by course prerequisites.

    Compulsory Courses (Three)