• Income Tax Planning FIN 9031

    Helping to minimize a client's tax burden is an integral part of a financial planner’s role. Our Income Tax Planning course allows you to gain an understanding of money management and basic tax concepts. Explore different business structures (such as sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations), how they can be used to generate wealth and how they are viewed from a tax perspective. Review employment relationships and the tax implications of employment income and benefits. Conduct an in-depth investigation into how various types of investment income are taxed (such as interest, dividends and rental income) as well as how capital gains and losses are treated. Examine various tax issues in detail from both a technical and practical standpoint and learn to identify and resolve client tax concerns. Consider special tax situations and exemptions and understand how to best make use of tax advantages.


    You will have the most success in this course if you have already completed our FIN 9030 Retirement Planning course and our FIN 9032 Risk Management and Estate Planning course or approved equivalents before you start this course.

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