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    OntarioLearn description: Check the label. Chances are whatever you've purchased wasn't manufactured or grown anywhere near where you live – in fact it probably went through several manufacturing and assembly and distribution centres in several different nations before ever making its way to you. Today, we can do our banking anywhere in the world and the Internet almost instantly connects each of us to anywhere, to any product. And products from brand-name sportswear to popular music are now global fads, not national ones. Financial markets have denationalized. Some analysts call these inter-related phenomena globalization. But what is globalization? Is it a form of global commerce or global politics or global culture? Do we find evidence of globalization around us or has little really changed in how we connect with each other, our communities and our world? In this course, we will debate the various definitions of globalization and will attempt to link these to the goods we consume and the events we witness in our daily lives.


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