• Gas Technician 3 Theory HVAC 9043

    Continuous Intake Online

    Our Gas Technician 3 Theory course covers the theoretical and practical curriculum outcomes (modules 1 to 9) for the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) gas technician 3 (G.3) certification. This self-directed and self-contained gas technician course prepares you to write EX 9000 TSSA Gas Technician 3 Exam: Challenge. The online material is graphically illustrated with over 1,600 images and includes 25 interactive quizzes, numerous electrical and mechanical graphs, symbols, diagrams, applicable government acts and regulation references.


    Course Delivery Method:

    This is an online course with continuous intake registration. That means this course does not have traditional start/end dates. You can register at any time throughout the year (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), and you will have 120 calendar days from the day you receive the course materials to complete the course. Register in the section (CRN) with the Date(s) range that includes the date on which you plan to start the course (keeping in mind that you will receive your course details approximately a week after you register). Make sure you are familiar with the basic technology requirements for online courses. Teacher support via email will be available.

    Other Courses:

    We also offer our similar, in-class HVAC 9052 Gas Technician 3 course, which prepares you for our EX 01 TSSA Gas Technician 3 Exam.

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