• Gas Technician 2B HVAC 9055

    Online Option

    Our Gas Technician 2B course covers the final seven modules (18 through 24) that provide the knowledge and skills required to complete the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) training curriculum for the level of gas technician 2 (G.2). In combination with our HVAC 9054 Gas Technician 2A course, this course prepares you to write our EX 02 TSSA Gas Technician 2 Exam. Examine water heaters, combo systems, portable water heating systems, forced warm air heating systems, base heating, decorative appliances, venting practices, forced air add-on devices and air handling systems.


    Attendance Requirements:

    You must maintain at least an 80% attendance record throughout this course to qualify for the EX 02 TSSA Gas Technician 2 Exam.

    Course Delivery Method:

    This is normally an in-class course but will be offered temporarily online via Blackboard Learn/Collaborate while college buildings are closed.

    Course Essentials:

    You will be required to have and wear your own CSA-approved safety footwear and protective eyewear while in shop areas.

    Grade Requirements:

    This course covers both the theoretical education and the practical training required. You must achieve a grade average of 75% or higher on the theoretical education and 75% or higher on the practical training to qualify for the EX 02 TSSA Gas Technician 2 Exam.

    Technical/Computer Requirements:

    Refer to the basic technology requirements for Blackboard online courses.


    You must have completed our HVAC 9054 Gas Technician 2A course.

    Contact Information

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