• Excel - Expert COMP 9669

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    OntarioLearn description: This course is designed to teach advanced topics of MS Excel. Students will learn how to create and manipulate advanced spreadsheets and be able to manipulate data, work with templates and styles, connecting to external data and links, reviewing and protecting workbooks, custom formats and layouts and creating advanced formulas. The course will also help to prepare students wishing to pursue the MOS certification exams for Excel Expert (Excel Expert 2013 exams 77-427 and 77-428 and Excel Expert 2016 exam 77-728).


    • This is an online course delivered via OntarioLearn.
      • Make sure you are familiar with the basic technology requirements for OntarioLearn online courses.
      • You must have Microsoft Excel 2013 for Windows or Microsoft Excel 2016 for Windows in order to complete this course. You will not be able to complete this course with any other version of Excel. (Excel 365 is not supported in this course nor is any version of Excel running on a Macintosh platform.)


    You must have completed COMP 9668 Excel - Core or an approved equivalent, and you must be familiar with Windows and file management concepts.

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