Distance Learning FAQ

This section will answer your frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Distance Learning at George Brown College.

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  • What is distance learning?
    Distance learning refers to teaching and learning that takes place without the traditional campus classroom experience. Many people choose to study in the comfort of their own homes, but distance learning gives you the flexibility to learn wherever it is most convenient for you.
    How are distance learning courses delivered?
    Distance learning courses offered by Continuing Education at George Brown College are delivered online. OntarioLearn courses are also delivered online. For more information about the technology requirements for each mode of delivery, visit the Technology Requirements for Distance Learning web page. For more information about online learning at the college, visit the George Brown College Online Learning microsite.
    Do I have any flexibility in terms of when I register for distance learning courses?
    Some of our distance learning courses are term-based. So, as with an in-class course, you need to register in advance of the course start date or shortly after the course starts. Other distance learning courses are continuous intake. A continuous intake course allows you to register at any time throughout the term. You then have a set number of days to finish the course.
    What are OntarioLearn online courses?

    By partnering together, colleges can provide a greater number of online courses for their students. OntarioLearn is a partnership between 24 Ontario colleges that offers a broad selection of online courses. We have selected courses from the OntarioLearn course inventory that complement our existing distance learning offerings. This means our students get access to a wider range of teacher-directed online courses while enjoying George Brown's high-quality registration and administrative support.

    The college responsible for developing a course and its content is called the “host college.” Although you register with and receive your grade from George Brown College, the teacher will be provided by the host college and all technical support will be provided by OntarioLearn.com. For more information, visit the OntarioLearn website or contact the Continuing Education Online Learning department at 416-415-5000, ext. 6543, or online_learning@georgebrown.ca.

    Note that OntarioLearn courses (with a few exceptions) are not equivalent to courses offered in class.