• Digital Video Production LIBA 9356

    To gain entry into the film industry, nothing is as important as your sample reel – a short video that acts as your calling card and displays your fiction, documentary, or corporate film expertise. Using a hands-on approach and feature-length production principles, learn to write, produce, direct and edit your own video through our Digital Video Production course. Examine the fundamentals of scriptwriting, cinematography, audio, budgeting, directing, crowdfunding, web series and distribution.


    You will be required to do all shooting off-site on your own time, and you will be required to provide your own digital video camera (anything from a smartphone to a professional camcorder), cast and crew. Editing can be done on-site.


    You will have the most success in this course if you have already completed our COMP 9411 Digital Video Editing course or an approved equivalent before you start this course.

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