• Classical Yoga Teacher Certificate

    Yoga is a popular way to maintain physical, mental and spiritual well-being because it helps those who practise it deal with life's challenges in a balanced way. Our Classical Yoga Teacher Certificate is intended for those who wish to teach classical yoga to the community at large. In this certificate, attendance and class participation are vital as you learn the skills and techniques used to develop an awareness of both mind and body. Explore postures, breath awareness (pranayamas), meditation, anatomy and physiology, yoga history, yoga philosophy, Patanjali's yoga aphorisms (sutras) and teaching methodologies.

    Career Opportunities

    Career options typically include yoga teacher positions in such settings as yoga studios, fitness centres, schools, hospitals, public institutions and private organizations/corporations.


    You will have the most success in this certificate if you already have several years of experience practising yoga before you start taking the required courses.

    Completion Details

    You must complete all the course requirements within one academic year (which consists of a fall term, a winter term and a spring term) and complete all the modules in the order shown below and complete the courses within each module concurrently. (This last condition is also reflected in the course prerequisites.) Once you begin this certificate, you must continue until you have completed all of the course requirements (and cannot, for example, stop taking courses for one term and then return to classes in a later term). You must achieve a grade of C- (60%) or better in each required course to be able to progress to the next course and to be eligible to request the certificate upon completion.

    Total Course Requirement: Seven

    Module 1: Compulsory Courses (Two)

    Module 2: Compulsory Courses (Two)

    Module 3: Compulsory Courses (Two)

    Module 4: Compulsory Courses (One)