• Certified Sommelier Certificate

    Successful sommeliers design, develop and execute customized wine programs for a variety of establishments. They ensure the positive development of customer, staff and business relationships that support and promote responsible operational success. Professional sommeliers are well‑versed in food and wine pairing and have an in‑depth knowledge of other beverages and how they relate to food. Our Certified Sommelier Certificate provides advanced professional development for those aspiring to be sommeliers and is offered in conjunction with the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers (CAPS). Once you have completed the course requirements, you will receive sommelier certification from CAPS and a joint certificate from CAPS and George Brown College.


    You must be able to commit the time necessary to complete the course modules, a stage experience and 15 hours per week of self-study.



    Admission Requirement(s)

    You must secure formal admission before you can register for courses. Obtaining admission is dependent upon meeting these admission requirements:

    • You must be familiar with the basic principles of grape growing and wine making, the major grape varietals, the major appellations and the current food and wine trends and issues.
    • You must have completed our HOST 9008 Wines I course and our HOST 9009 Wines II course, you must pass a theoretical and practical entrance exam that includes blind tasting or you must provide a record of your grades from any approved wine programs you have completed at other recognized institutions (contact the Continuing Education Hospitality & Culinary Arts department for details).

    Application Process

    You must complete the Certified Sommelier Certificate PDF application form and submit it to the department co-ordinator. Applications for the 2017–18 academic year must be submitted by Tuesday, July 4, 2017. We will determine if you can register in the first course directly or if you must take an entrance exam. For more information on the admission requirements, admission process and application deadlines, contact the Continuing Education Hospitality & Culinary Arts department.

    Completion Details

    The modules are offered in the order shown below; the first two introduce skills and concepts fundamental to the later modules. You must also complete a stage experience to be eligible to request the certificate upon completion. You can expect to complete the certificate requirements in just over a year.

    Compulsory Courses (Six)