• Cardiology Nursing Certificate

    Acquire the knowledge and skills required to provide advanced, comprehensive and holistic care to those experiencing cardiac events and living with cardiac deficits, including (but not limited to) cardiomyopathy, chronic heart failure, acute coronary syndrome and cardiac arrhythmias. Use critical analysis and critical thinking to develop and evaluate skills and promote excellence in cardiac nursing. This nursing certificate emphasizes holistic care, cultural diversity/sensitivity, critical thinking and reflective practice. Courses take a patient-focused, family-centred and interprofessional approach. Current research, adult learning principles, social justice, best practices and lived experience provide the foundation for learning.


    You must be a registered health care professional, and you must have completed our NURS 1056 Health Assessment/NURS 1079 Health Assessment course or an approved equivalent.

    Compulsory Courses (Four)