• Canadian Payroll Association Course Equivalencies

    The Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) offers the only payroll certifications in Canada: the Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) and the Certified Payroll Manager (CPM). The PCP certification is the foundation of your career in payroll. It provides you with the compliance knowledge required to effectively communicate payroll information to all stakeholders and understand the accounting function as it relates to payroll. The CPM certification builds on the PCP compliance knowledge by preparing seasoned professionals to manage a payroll department. It provides you with the knowledge to make decisions, supervise and manage, and contribute a payroll perspective to organizational policy and strategy discussions. These two programs prepare payroll practitioners to manage the compliance requirements of an organization’s annual payroll cycle, deliver clear and reliable payroll information, and contribute a payroll perspective to organizational policy and strategy discussions. George Brown College has been recognized by the CPA as a provider of courses that are valid equivalents of PCP/CPM academic requirements. For each of the George Brown College Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) course equivalencies listed here that you pass, you will be eligible for exemption from the equivalent CPA course.


    A passing grade of C (65%) in each George Brown College course is required in order for these courses to be accepted by the CPA towards the PCP and CPM certifications. The courses listed here may not represent the extent of the PCP or CPM certification requirements. The requirements are set by the CPA, not George Brown College. To pursue the PCP or CPM certifications (or any other CPA certifications), you must follow the process listed on the CPA website and meet the requirements applicable to you. For more information about PCP/CPM certifications and registration, visit the CPA website.

    Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) Course Equivalencies
    CPA Core CoursesGeorge Brown College Equivalent Courses

    *To obtain the PCP certification, you must complete the required courses listed above and meet the CPA's work experience requirement. To receive approval from the CPA, you must submit the Work Experience Requirement Application (WERA).

    **You must register in and pay for this course at George Brown College and register with and pay a separate fee to the CPA (see the course web pages for further details).

    ***To start the CPM program, you must have achieved the PCP certification, meet a payroll experience prerequisite and receive approval from the CPA. To satisfy the prerequisite, you must have at least two years of experience being responsible for an organization's payroll function or equivalent experience obtained in the past five years. To receive approval from the CPA, you must submit the Payroll Experience Prerequisite Application (PEPA).

    Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP)*
    Payroll Compliance LegislationFIN 9015Payroll Compliance Legislation**
    Payroll Fundamentals 1FIN 9016Payroll Fundamentals 1**
    Introduction to AccountingACCT 1032Accounting 1
    ACCT 9118Introductory Accounting
    Payroll Fundamentals 2FIN 9017Payroll Fundamentals 2**
    Certified Payroll Manager (CPM)***
    Organizational BehaviourPSY 1149Organizational Behaviour
    Managerial AccountingACCT 2003Management Accounting 1
    ACCT 2006Management Accounting 2


    ACCT 9029Accounting for Decision Making
    Compensation and Benefits ManagementHRM 2024Compensation and Benefits Administration