• Cakes 2 HOSF 9231

    Our Cakes 2 course helps you develop your skills with both classic and modern cakes through the use of a variety of international flavours and ingredients. Build on the skills you developed in our Cakes 1 course as you explore new techniques for assembling cakes in a variety of shapes and styles and for crafting challenging elements.


    Course Essentials:

    You must bring your full George Brown chef uniform, black safety shoes (non-slip and steel toe) and tools to the first class.


    You must have completed our HOSF 9280 Cakes 1 course or our HOSF 9467 Cakes 1 course. (An approved equivalent is also acceptable.)

    Contact Information

    Some courses require you to purchase a textbook. The cost of the textbook is not included in the course fee unless otherwise indicated. If there is a textbook assigned for this course, it will be listed on the bookstore website.