• Accounting 1 ACCT 1032

    Our Accounting 1 course introduces you to both the theory and practical components of financial accounting. Users of accounting information – both internal and external – rely on financial statements to make decisions. Learn to use a simple accounting system to prepare, analyze and interpret a basic set of statements. Understand how to journal and post transactions, to prepare a trial balance and financial statement, to estimate and measure the value of inventory, to control and account for cash and to prepare a basic bank reconciliation.



    This course is equivalent to the CIB 112 (Bookkeeping I) course offered by the Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping (CIB) and the Introduction to Accounting course offered by the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA). Learn more about these equivalencies by checking out our Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping Course Equivalencies and our Canadian Payroll Association Course Equivalencies.

    Full-time Equivalent(s)

    ACCT 1001

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