• How do I find a course?

    There are three ways to find a course:  

    • Select Courses and Certificates from the top navigation bar and then browse by Area of Interest.
    • Browse through the Areas of Interest listed on the Continuing Education home page.
    • Use the SEARCH FOR A COURSE field on the home page.
    • Use the search field in the top right part of the web page (Google Custom Search).   


    How do I select a class for registration?

    Once you've found the course you want on the website, determine which class section you want. Each class section is displayed within its own box and displays its course registration number (CRN); the date(s), day(s) and time that class will be running; the building in which class will be held; the room in which class will be held (once assigned); the hours the class runs for; and the total fee. Other information that may be provided includes the name of the teacher and additional notes. Select those items that have a hyperlink to learn more details.

    The availability of spaces within the class section is reflected in the button in the bottom right corner.

    • "Register Now" means there is at least one seat available.
    • "Join Wait List" means there are no seats available but there is space on the wait list. If there are enough people on the wait list, the department may open a new class section.
    • "CRN is Closed" means the registration period for a class section has passed.
    • "CRN is Full" means the section is full and there is no waitlist available.
    How do I register online?

    The online registration process has five steps:

    • Step 1: Find the course(s) you want on the website. Choose the class section/course reference number (CRN) with the schedule you want by selecting the "Register Now" button. (If the class section is full, a wait list may be available.) Confirm that the Selected Course information is correct. If you do not wish to add any additional courses, proceed to the next step.
    • Step 2: Provide the personal information requested (making sure to use your full legal name). It is important that you provide your home and business telephone numbers and an email address to facilitate our contact with you and to ensure you receive the email with your confirmation of registration and receipt. 
    • Step 3: Confirm that you understand the policy information. 
    • Step 4: Confirm your information, and then continue to the next screen. You will now be asked to enter your credit card information.
    • Step 5: View the confirmation of registration screen, and print it for your records. 
    How can I pay for courses online?
    You can pay for courses online using a credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa) or Visa Debit Card. For other registration methods, see Registration Information.
    What do I do if I can’t find my Student ID number or Password?
    Call the Contact Centre at 416-415-2000 or 1-800-265-2002 for assistance.
    Where exactly are the campuses?
    Learn more by choosing Contact Us from the main navigation bar then choosing Campus Maps and Locations.
    How do I contact someone at George Brown?
    If you have questions about a specific course or certificate, you can use the contact information that appears on the course or certificate page to contact the responsible department. If you have general questions or don’t know who to reach out to, learn more about the staff in Continuing Education by going to Contact Us and choosing Continuing Education Contacts.
    Where can I find information on the College’s policies?
    Continuing Education policy information can be found by selecting Policies from the main navigation bar. However, registered students are responsible for reviewing the complete George Brown College Academic Policies, Guidelines and Codes of Conduct. You can access this information at the College Policies web page or at a campus Library Learning Commons.
    Who do I contact if I find a link that doesn’t work or if I want to give feedback on the site design?
    Send your feedback to coned@georgebrown.ca, and we will try to make your next visit to the site even better.