IEHC 9001 Online Learning Readiness

Important: Read the information below before you register for this online course.

Learning online requires at least an intermediate level of computer skills. IEHC 9001 (Communication in Health Care Workplaces) does not teach computer skills. You will be expected to be comfortable working on a computer and in using a variety of technology tools to complete the learning activities in this fully online course.

This communications course requires you to “talk” online with your instructor and fellow students at regular, specified times. This may be different from other online courses you’ve taken, in which all or most of the work was completed at a time of your choosing and at your own pace.

You are expected to understand and be able to meet the following requirements before registering in IEHC 9001.

  • Reading skills: Learning online requires strong reading skills. You must be able to follow step-by-step written instructions in order to log on to the Blackboard online learning system, join weekly video conferences and complete and submit assignments.
  • Scheduled video conferences: This course focuses on speaking and listening skills for nursing communication. At a planned time each week, you must participate in a live video conference. Attending these weekly sessions at the specified time is a course requirement.
  • Self-directed learning: Students are expected to complete all of the course work activities on time. Sometimes you will work individually and at your own pace; at other times, you will work with a partner or a small group. Be prepared to set aside sufficient time (at least 6 hours per week) to complete online assignments and activities.
  • Technology requirements: The following requirements are necessary for this online course.
    • Hardware: Desktop, laptop or tablet computer; high-speed Internet connection; webcam or built-in camera; external microphone; headset
    • Operating system: Microsoft Office 2007 or higher or Macintosh OS X or higher
    • Software: Firefox or Google Chrome; Adobe Reader (latest version); Java Runtime Environment; Google Hangout; Skype
    • Email address: If you do not already have one, you are required to set up a Gmail account before the start of the course.

Assess your computer skills: If you are unsure about your level of computer competency and readiness for online learning, we strongly encourage you to take this free digital literacy assessment.

We hope that the information provided will prepare you for success in this online course. Contact the School of Immigrant and Transitional Education co-ordinator, Chi Diep, at with any questions.