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  Culinary Arts I

  HOSF 9088


This course is designed to help food enthusiasts develop the fundamental culinary techniques they need to be confident in the modern kitchen. Learn to use commercial kitchen equipment, and study knife skills and safe food handling practices.


You will be required to have a full George Brown chef uniform, black safety shoes (non-slip and steel toe) and tools for this course. The teacher will provide details during the first class and will provide you with a bookstore voucher for a uniform package. You will need to purchase your shoes and tools separately.

  Fee: $718.00, includes food used in class and a uniform

  Hours: 48

    CRN Date Day Time Location Status
    W53658 20Apr15 - 13Jul15 M 6:15-10:15pm SJB CLOSED

    W53661 21Apr15 - 07Jul15 Tu 6:15-10:15pm SJB CLOSED

    W53662 21Apr15 - 07Jul15 Tu 6:15-10:15pm SJB CLOSED

    W53663 22Apr15 - 15Jul15 W 6:15-10:15pm SJB CLOSED

    W53665 23Apr15 - 09Jul15 Th 6:15-10:15pm SJB CLOSED

    W53666 24Apr15 - 17Jul15 F 6:15-10:15pm SJB CLOSED

    W53667 25Apr15 - 18Jul15 Sa 8:30-12:30pm SJB CLOSED

    W53668 25Apr15 - 18Jul15 Sa 1-5pm SJB CLOSED

    W53671 26Apr15 - 19Jul15 Su 12-4pm SJB CLOSED

    S83719 04May15 - 27Jul15 M 6:15-10:15pm SJB CLOSED

    S83720 05May15 - 21Jul15 Tu 6:15-10:15pm SJB CLOSED

    S83721 06May15 - 29Jul15 W 6:15-10:15pm SJB CLOSED

    S84103 07May15 - 23Jul15 Th 6:15-10:15pm SJB CLOSED

    S83759 09May15 - 08Aug15 Sa 1-5pm SJB CLOSED

    S83760 10May15 - 09Aug15 Su 12-4pm SJB CLOSED

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