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  Prevention, Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery

  EMRG 9022


This course explores the emergency management concepts of prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery as well as the principles behind them. Focus on the strategies, techniques and tools of mitigation. Explore barriers to mitigation and the implementation of mitigation programs. Also see our online course.

  Prerequisites: You must have completed EMRG 9000 (Basic Emergency Management (BEM)) or EMRG 9125 (Emergency Management - Concepts and Principles) or an approved equivalent.

  Fee: $355.00

  Hours: 42

    CRN Date Day Time Location Status
    F16893 13Sep14 - 14Sep14 Sa & Su 9-5:30pm CL REGISTER now
    plus 20Sep14 - 21Sep14 Sa & Su 9-5:30pm CL  
    plus 27Sep14 Sa 9-5pm CL  

    W52024 21Feb15 - 22Feb15 Sa & Su 9-5:30pm CL REGISTER now
    plus 07Mar15 - 08Mar15 Sa & Su 9-6pm CL  
    plus 28Mar15 Sa 9-4pm CL  

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