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Paralegal Certificate
The Law Society of Upper Canada is making changes to the current standards of the Paralegal Education program. Beginning in January 2015, students will be required to take three courses every semester, in the modular groups shown below. See Completion Details for further information, or contact the Legal Studies department co-ordinator.

In Ontario, paralegals are licenced and regulated by The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC). As an officer of the court, a licenced paralegal can provide specific legal services and represent clients in certain courts (including provincial offence court, summary conviction criminal court, small claims court and administrative tribunals). In addition to working independently in the areas of law permitted for paralegals, many licenced paralegals also work alongside lawyers in other areas. This certificate provides you with the education you need to become a paralegal.


This certificate is accredited by the LSUC. Once you complete this certificate, you must apply to the LSUC's Paralegal Licensing Process and receive a licence before you can start practicing as a paralegal.


You must have completed ENGL 1030 (Skills for College English), COMP 9191 (Microsoft Word I) and COMP 9208 (Microsoft Word II) or approved equivalents. If you do not meet the English requirement, you must complete the General English Assessment and score high enough to be assigned to College English.

Application Process:

You must complete the application form, and register for your Module One courses. If you have not completed the application form, you have not been approved to enter the certificate program and may be withdrawn at any time.

Completion Details:

You must complete all modules in the order show below, and take all three courses in each module in the same semester. Once you begin the program, you must follow the appropriate module order in each subsequent semester until you have completed all of the course requirements (you cannot, for example, discontinue the program for one semester and return to it in the following semester). LAW 9057 (Paralegal Field Placement) may be taken simultaneously with Module Six, or following this module. If you have already completed COMM 9091 (Oral Communication), it will qualify towards your elective courses requirement. You must achieve a cumulative grade average of C (63%) or better to be eligible to request the certificate upon completion. If you have a diploma or degree, you may be eligible for some course exemptions. For more information, contact the department co-ordinator.

Elective Courses (Choose Two)

Only one version of a course (in class OR online) will count toward the requirement.
Two General Education courses OR
LAW 9061   Immigration Law and one General Education course

Have questions?

Attend a Paralegal Certificate information session, or contact the Continuing Education Legal Studies department at 416-415-5000, ext. 2869, at or by visiting their office (193 King St. E., St. James campus, Building G, third floor).

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