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Paralegal Certificate
The Law Society of Upper Canada is making significant changes to the current standards of the Paralegal Education Program. As a result of these changes, George Brown College will not be accepting new students into the program temporarily. Further information will be posted as it becomes available. Current students can register for Winter and Spring courses.

In Ontario, paralegals are licenced and regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC). As an officer of the court, a licenced paralegal can provide specific legal services and represent clients in certain courts (including provincial offence court, summary conviction criminal court, small claims court and administrative tribunals). In addition to working independently in the areas of law permitted for paralegals, many licenced paralegals also work alongside lawyers in other areas. This certificate provides you with the education you need to become a paralegal.


This certificate is accredited by the LSUC. Once you complete this certificate, you must apply to the LSUC's Paralegal Licensing Process and receive a licence before you can start practicing as a paralegal.


You must have completed ENGL 1030 (Skills for College English), COMP 9191 (Microsoft Word I) and COMP 9208 (Microsoft Word II) or approved equivalents. If you do not meet the English requirement, you must complete the General English Assessment and score high enough to be assigned to College English.

Completion Details:

You must complete all the other courses in this certificate prior to taking LAW 9057 (Paralegal Field Placement). We recommend that you complete COMM 1008/COMM 1138 (College English), LAW 9040 (Introduction to the Legal System), COMM 9091 (Oral Communication), LAW 9054 (Communication Skills for Paralegals) and LAW 9056 (Legal Computer Applications) prior to taking the other courses in this certificate. However, the order in which you complete the remaining course requirements is only restricted by course prerequisites. You must complete the certificate requirements within five years and achieve a cumulative grade average of C (63%) or better to be eligible to request the certificate upon completion. If you have a diploma/degree, you may be eligible for some course exemptions. For more information, contact the department co-ordinator.

Compulsory Courses (Twenty-two)
One of the following:
COMM 1008   College English
COMM 1138   College English (online)
All of the following:
LAW 9040   Introduction to the Legal System
COMM 9091   Oral Communication
LAW 9054   Communication Skills for Paralegals
LAW 9056   Legal Computer Applications
LAW 9050   Administrative Law
LAW 9045   Advocacy
LAW 9046   Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAW 9048   Criminal Summary Conviction Procedures
LAW 9052   Employment Law
LAW 9038   Ethics and Professional Responsibility
LAW 9044   Evidence and Litigation Process
LAW 9061   Immigration Law
LAW 9055   Legal Accounting
LAW 9042   Legal Research and Writing
LAW 9039   Paralegal Practice Management
LAW 9049   Provincial/Motor Vehicle Offences
LAW 9053   Residential Landlord and Tenant Law
LAW 9047   Small Claims Court
LAW 9041   Torts and Contracts
LAW 9051   Tribunal Practice and Procedures
LAW 9057   Paralegal Field Placement


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Have questions?

Attend a Paralegal Certificate information session, or contact the Continuing Education Legal Studies department at 416-415-5000, ext. 2869, at or by visiting their office (193 King St. E., St. James campus, Building G, third floor).

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